Cut Resistant Sleeves

Cut Resistant Safety Sleeves

Jomac Canada is an industry leader in cut resistant and flame resistant sleeves and armguards. Our cut resistant sleeves and armguards offer increased cut protection while also providing outstanding comfort and fit. Our most popular ANSI level 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 cut resistant sleeves and armguards feature various fibers using composite yarns made with stainless steel, fiberglass, and other high-performance materials.

For superior cut protection, choose from Kevlar®, Metalguard® and Whizard® cut resistant sleeves and armguards. These Sleeves and armguards offer increased ANSI Cut Level protection, outstanding comfort and wearability, and include options for various sleeve lengths and thumbholes.

Whizard® armguards feature an advanced construction of multilayered, high-performance materials, and are available in ANSI cut levels A2 to A8. Consider adding armguard clips to keep your armguards secured to your sleeve and clothing.

Our hard-working cut and flame resistant sleeves are proving their value in the food processing, metalworking, automotive, construction, and oil and gas industries. Use our sleeve search refinement tool to find the best level of heat and cut resistance for your arm protection and safety needs.

1-17 of 17 Gloves

1-17 of 17 Gloves