Palm Coated Gloves

Polyurethane Palm Coated Work Gloves

Equip yourself with Jomac Canada polyurethane palm coated gloves when you need a better grip for more stability and control with a challenging application. Palm Coated gloves provide additional protection in high wear/high-risk area of the hand. You can choose from several different types of glove and coating materials to help you take care of specific, work-related hand protection issues.

What type of Palm Coating is best for my application?

Jomac Canada offers several types of palm coated gloves, including Latex, Nitrile, Sandy Nitrile, Polyurethane or PU, Full NBR Coated. Each coating provides you benefits for gripping or handling objects in both wet, dry or cold environments.

1-18 of 29 Gloves

1-18 of 29 Gloves