Puncture Resistant

Workplace Safety with Puncture Resistant Gloves

While Jomac offers the highest level of puncture-resistant gloves, no gloves are cut-proof or puncture-proof. Jomac offers a wide range of puncture resistant gloves to cover a variety of jobs. Choose from high-performing nitrile and PU palm coated, knit and our popular Goatskin Welder to find the best glove for the job. Use our glove search refinement tool to find the level of puncture resistance needed for your hand protection and safety.

How to choose the right Puncture Resistant safety gloves?

Your glove’s material composition and thickness help determine its puncture resistance. Consider each application’s specific requirements before choosing the best puncture-resistant glove for your application. Select from a variety of features and materials with varying combinations of stainless steel, fiberglass, and high-performance materials.

1-18 of 26 Gloves

1-18 of 26 Gloves