Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Work Gloves

Jomac Canada offers a broad range of heat resistant and flame-retardant gloves, sleeves, mittsand pads.Our heat resistant gloves are available by type, weight, and temperature resistance for high heat and extreme heat protection up to 700°F.

While Jomac Canada offers the highest level of heat and flame resistant gloves, no gloves are completely fireproof. Use our glove search refinement tool to find the level of heat needed for your hand protection and safety. Jomac Canada offers glove options for high heat and extreme heat protection up to 700°F. Use our glove search to find the best heat-resistant glove for your application.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), burns cost an average of more than $24,000 per claim. Jomac Canada can help your company protect its employees from burns – the second most costly injury. If you are looking for hand protection for work in extremely high temperatures, Jomac Canada offers a full line of heat and flame-resistant gloves to keep hands safe from burns.

1-18 of 35 Gloves

1-18 of 35 Gloves