Protect your hands and cost performance with a Glove Evaluation

Improve the safety, product, and cost performance of your plant’s hand protection with a free Glove Evaluation from Jomac Canada.

With the Glove Evaluation, we’ll work with you to properly match products that can meet the demands of your specific work environment, and help you realize untapped, bottom-line advantages:

  • Product/Cost Performance—identifying the right product for meeting the performance requirements of specific applications and work environments.
  • Safety Performance/Training—reducing the risk and cost of employee injuries.
  • Ergonomics—addressing comfort and fit, weather protection, and double gloving.
  • Laundering/Care—outlining washing instructions for sustaining product performance.
  • SKU Standardization/Cost Control—identifying, purchasing, and inventorying products used for like job applications across multiple site locations.

Even better, the evaluation is designed to help minimize time and disruption with an efficient and thorough, half-day process:

Step 1: In-person Meeting
First, we meet with you and your team to identify your critical plants, and learn your needs, issues, safety concerns, products being used, and your annual glove spend.

Step 2: Plant Survey
Next, we determine your company’s requirements by: observing every work function (receiving through shipping); identifying and understanding applications for safety and productivity issues; and providing recommendations for improvement: safety, cost performance, and SKU standardization.

Step 3: Survey Follow-up
Finally, we summarize the results from the plant visit in seven days, including plant specifics (number of employees, shifts, departments, and recordable injuries by department and location); department specifics (work processes, safety hazards, associated issues, current hand/arm protection, and recommendations/added benefits of Jomac Canada; and summarization (safety and cost improvements, value-added benefits, and next steps).

Make sure your plant has the right hand protection for improving safety and cost performance. Request your free Glove Evaluation today.